New Approaches in Inspection: A Polycentric Model: The Project Kick-Off Meeting was held in Ankara between 15-17 January 2020. The following topics were discussed at the opening meeting of the project.

January 15, 2020     

Meeting the project partners, reviewing the duties and responsibilities (with the contributions of all partners), reviewing the project outputs and results (with the contributions of all partners), addressing the arrangements for budget management.

January 16, 2020

Review of LTT activity, possible risks and solution suggestions in the project implementation process, details of project evaluation and monitoring studies, visit of the historical sites of Ankara (Anıtkabir, Ankara Castle).

January 17, 2020

Participation in the mid-term report ceremony / Ankara Çankaya Gülen Muharrem Pakoğlu Secondary School, Details of the arrangements regarding the dissemination and visibility of the project results, Arrangement of the project start meeting participation documents, Arrangements for the next LTT activity, issuance of certificates.