The Fundamentals Of Polycentric Inspection And The Case In Portugal

Our five-day LTT event focusing on the Portuguese Education and Inspection System and Effective School Networks, took place in Lisbon between 22nd -26th November, after a year-long break due to the pandemic.

A total number of 22 international participants joined the LTT event which was also attended by almost the same number of local stakeholders.

The LTT was clearly action-packed and involved a considerable amount of interaction with countless stakeholders.

The event mostly took place in the Faculty of Education of the University of Lisboa. The partners also visited the Fernandao Pessoa School cluster and the home of one of the most remarkable literary figures of Portgual Fernando Pessoa, whom our school partner drove its name from.  The school visit consisted of a variety of interactive activities ranging from presentations of their projects and presentations by stakeholders like Parents and Guardians Association to poetry, singing and a rocking percussion performance by the school band.

The week also included;

  • Presentations by IGEC (Portuguese Board of Inspectors) members on the external evaluation process they carry out in Portugal,
  • Presentations by members of the TEIP Network, which is a national school network with a complex structure,
  • A presentation by a representative of School (Clusters) Association Training Centers,
  • A presentation by Viseu Polytechnic on their experience with the external school evaluation process in Portugal as external experts.
  • Presentations by Sticting VU on Effective School Networks and Inspection of Networks,
  • A presentation by the Sofia University on the School Network Model they set up in Bulgaria,
  • Presentations by different school clusters on their education and self-evaluation systems,
  • Other presentations by relevant stakeholders,
  • Group discussions on the school network model which is planned to be formed in Ordu within the frame of the project.
  • And finally a roundtable meeting to decide on the new calendar of the project.

After this LTT event, the project partners have agreed to start working upon a Turkish school network model until the next event which will be an online TPM in January, 2022.