A Transnational Project Meeting was held between 31st March and 01st April 2022 in order to discuss the budget, calendar, outputs, activities and evaluation topics of the project. The meeting as attended by 22 participants from the partnering institutions.

The meeting, which was hosted by Amsterdam Vrije University, was attended by educational administrators, inspectors, academic, teachers and school leaders from the Turkish Inspectorate, Ordu Local Department of National Education, Social Sciences Highschool, Sofia University, University of Lisbon, Fernando Pessoa Schools and Dublin City University.

During the first of the meeting, an overview of the LTT in Dublin was provided. The reports to be prepared within the lifetime of the projects were discussed and decided upon.

On the second day, the group received information about the EISON project, carried out by the Vrije University and the School Network in Ordu, which was formed within the scope of the project. The meeting also contained sessions on project budget and calendar.