Our school was first founded as Ordu IMKB Anatolian Teaching High School in 1990 and then its name was changed as Ordu İMKB Social Sciences High School. All directors, teachers are ready to teach all of our students in the light of scientific concepts, trends, and developments about changing world. Our mission is to train them in a respectful way and internalize them as knowledgeable, skillful, and confident World citizens. We want to educate them regarding to Atatürk’s principles and evolutions, respect for universal humanitarian principles.

There are 45 teachers and directors ,607 students, 21 classrooms, 1 ICT class,1 library and 1 Zlibrary(technologically enriched) ,3 science labs,1 conference hall,1 sports centre,1 girls’ & 1 boys’ dormitory and 1 dining hall in our school. Our school is equipped with modern teaching and learning materials.

We have strong cooperation with parental association of our school. We have also close relationship with Ordu Educational Directorate, and local inspectorate. We would like to contribute to the pilot implementation of this project. Our strong relationships with the shareholders bring visible added value to the project. The management team of our school and the teachers are qualified enough to give feedback and report the results of the project.

We have a lot of awards in sports and cultural events. In orienteering competitions, we have a lot of championships. We have also participated TUBITAK , physics and geography competitions and had several awards. We have run a Comenius Project between 2007-2009 and visited Poland and Ireland. We have also run a student Exchange program with Georgia and Cyprus. Nuri BAHTİYAR, school director is a man of action and he always encourages staff and students to partipate all kind of national and international events. Duygu HAKYEMEZ has been involved in projects for 3 years and she is an English teacher We are highly motivated and willing to take part in this project.