Partaking in the central organization of Ministry of National Education, our institution is a public body, performing work related to guidance, evaluation, monitoring, inspection of education system, educational institutions and their staff (including all vocational education institute) on national level, on behalf of Ministry of National Education. Having a positive and strong culture within a long-established history of 150 years, also maintaining its prestige in the eyes of public opinion and the other units of ministry, our institution gets into the act on the sixth floor of main service building of Ministry of Education in Ankara. 1 executive, 6 department head, 500 inspectors, centralized serving in the headquarter of the educational ministry. 50 staff member (expert, director, official) have been working in the central unit of our institution. All of our inspectors have been giving professional guidance and enhanced service to the teachers working in our educational institutes all over our country. Consequently, our institution is broadened to include all educational institutions and directors, teachers and the other staff . Guidance, professional assistance /development activities are intended for directors, teachers and the other staff working in vocational and technical education institutes are carried out by education inspectors of our headquarter. In order to raise the quality of those activities, guidance and professional assistance manuals have been prepared and great attention has been paid in order to perform the activities in accordance with the principles mentioned in the manuals. However, according to the acquired feedback and research made in that field, it has been understood that enough efficiency can’t be obtained from the guidance activities done by traditional methods without allowing enough time. Starting from these results, it has been agreed that, the methods and instruments used in guidance and professional assistance intended for the teachers working in vocational education institutes, should be enhanced and the qualification of the inspectors in this field should be developed, so some modifications have been put through. Our studies intended for building a more efficient guidance and professional assistance model which will support the

professional development of the entire education staff members and specifically the teachers who work in vocational education institutes, are still in progress.

We aim to provide them with more guidance, on-the-job training and personal development in order to ensure continuing professional development of teachers, especially those working in Vocational and Technical Training Schools. In order to achieve this goal, we care about teachers and inspectors to benefit from each other’s experiences and aim to establish mechanisms to achieve this across Turkey, creating standards for guidance and inspection educational institutions (including vocational education) and their staff, enhancing the quality of given service and project works are implemented by Head of Department of Quality Standards and Projects which exists within the structure of our institution. The project whose name ‘’Good Start: Feeling good to functioning well’’ in the section of Grundvig learning partnership was successfully completed between years of 2013 and 2015 by our institution. “’Web based e-inspection and e-performance’’ named project which is in the scope of Leonardo da Vinci transfer of innovation projects was successfully completed between the

years of 2010-2013 by our institution. By developing project gains the REDBIS (Information system of guidance and inspection) was founded that data about educational inspection collected, analyzed and shared across Turkey. All inspectors who work for our institution have been chosen from a wide

candidate pool with at least level of bachelor degree, and they have appointed after 3 years training period by reaching a certain proficiency in guidance and inspection. Staff who work as director (Head, Head of Department) in our institution also chosen and appointed among inspectors. So all staff who participate in the project as beneficiary and coordinator have experience in guidance and inspection. Participation of the people (as beneficiary and coordinator) to project have experience in project guidance and inspection will enable the project to be organized in a way that answer the need and expectations, to be implemented efficiently and the results to be shared suitable to its aim.