The last transnational project meeting of our project was held between 28th-30th September, 2022 in Ordu with the Ordu Provincial Directorate of National Education and Ordu Social Sciences High School as the hosts.

On the first day of the meeting, 6 participants from Portugal, 2 from Ireland, 1 from the Netherlands, 3 from Bulgaria and 3 from Ankara including Mehmet OZGUL, Head of Training and Coordination Department at the National Board of Inspectors, as well as teachers and administrators from the hosting partners got together.

On the first day, the participants discussed project budget, dissemination activities and plans for new projects.

On the second day of the meeting, the participants visited Ordu Social Sciences High School- one of the project partners, and 75. Yıl Kindergarten- a school from Perşembe School Network- where they received information about the work that had been done in Perşembe School Network.

On the last day of the meeting, a two-session seminar was held for 150 teachers and school leaders from the region. In the first session, Inspector Harun GÖNCÜ presented the project and its results.

In the second session, Prof. Dr. Melanie Ehren from Amsterdam Vrije University gave seminar on “School Networks and Inspection Methods”

The three-day meeting ended with a certificate ceremony after the seminar.