Ordu Directorate of National Education- one of the provincial units of the Ministry of NationalEducation- is the highest authority about educational activities in Ordu. Our Directorate consists ofbasic education, secondary education, vocational and technical education, religious education,special education and counselling services, lifelong learning, special education institutions, dataprocessing and technology, strategy development, legal system, human resources management,logistics, construction and estate, job security, higher and international education, Evaluation,assessment and testing services and 19 County branch offices. It also includes 28 kindergartens,207 elementary schools, 200 secondary schools,48 high schools, 71 vocational high schools,6teacher club houses,1 Science Arts Centre, 19 public education centers, 3 vocational trainingcenters, 3 counselling and Research Centre , 24 various special courses, 28 driving course, 19special education and rehabilitation centers, 22 special Training Centers, 131.562 students, 9.405teachers and 2.829 staff in 762 schools and institutions.The education managers and regional inspectors of Ordu Directorate of National Education have akey role in this project. The expertise of the key persons will contribute positively to the project. Thecontribution is going to be in legislation of the exchange of the good practice and in the pilotimplementation of the project. Ordu Directorate of National Education is going to take a crucial role inthe pilot implementation. The directorate is going to cooperate harmoniously especially with theschools, and the Board of Inspection. During the reporting phase of the pilot implementation we willtake an active role. The human resources of the Directorate is going to be canalized for the project.The directorate has evaluation and assessment center, project coordination unit, and has also a

great number of staff who has masters degree in education management and inspection. There arenine staff in the project unit who can directly and actively contribute to the management of thisproject. The staff in this department are experienced in Erasmus+ projects and works directly withthe Head of the Directorate.