The LTT activity, which was held between 30th May and 3rd June with Sofia University as the host, started with an opening speech by the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education, Prof. Rossitsa Simeonova. On the first day of the training event, Prof. Rossitsa Simeonova and Prof. Yonka Parvanova provided and overview of the Bulgarian Education System and the innovative practices regarding education and inspection. In the afternoon, the group visited School 145 to observe the self-evaluation processes within the Sofia School Network.

During the second day, Prof. Rossitsa Simeonova presented “Peer Evaluation in Sofia School Network” In the afternoon, Prof. Estela Costa from the University of Lisbon and Inspector Harun GÖNCÜ from the Turkish Inspectorate made presentations about the reports being prepared by their institutions. In the final session Celal KILIC, Project Coordinator from Ordu Local Department of National Education and Fatma ÇITLAK, a Kindergarten Principal from Ordu, made a presentation about Persembe School Network, which was formed within the project.

On third day, the group visited the Sofia Local Department of Education, and Dr. Vanya Kasstreva presented their operations in general in addition to their role in the inspection of Sofia School Network. In the afternoon Chief Inspector Dr. Neli Andreeva made a presentation on the work of the National Inspectorate including details about how they do inpections.

On the fourth day, a study visit was conducted to Sofia School 51 comprehensive school, which was a part of the Sofia School Network. During the visit, Principal Dr. Assen Alexandrov presented their good practices and their experience of self-evaluation, peer evaluation and external inspection within the Network Studies.

On the final day, the week was reviewed in terms of learning outcomes, which was followed by certificate ceremony. In the afternoon, a group discussion took place concerning upcoming events and the project outcomes.